I woke up at 8:00 and got dressed for the 10:00 movie Selma about Marthur Luther King Jr and his background of his I have a dream speech. selma I liked but at some times it got disturbing and white people would kill or really injure an African American. One example is King led a march of 300-500 people to Montgomery or Washington DC (a 50 mile trip) and the Selma troop attacked after 2 minutes to evacuate the bridge. Also in the beginning King gave a speech about 4 girls and 1 boy who stayed behind while someone blew up 4 girls and they died. But overall besides the riots the killing, murder or racism it was a really good movie and I think you should go see it.




I woke up on Sunday and got dressed in my scout uniform and went to my moms work. Then we went to Holy Cross church to a trailer and  I met up with my mentor Antonio who was helping prepare the supplies. We got all the supplies we needed other people showed up so we got into our groups and we drove 2 hrs. (Nothing really happened  besides a really boring but pretty drive). Then we got there 30 mins after every body else. because we took a short cut. Now me Will had to set up a tent in the dark. But when I was done I talked to the other scouts. Then we went to bed. The next day we woke up and had breakfast and learned canoe safety rules. Antonio and I named our bot the Cool boat. Then we paddled 10mils. Then we c

Grandma& Grandpa 1

So I woke up at 4:55 to catch my flight to Maine where my Grandparents live. My sister and I woke up got dressed and we where off. My mom started to play some music and my sister started to jam out (now I don’t have any pics for you because it’s so early so I’ll have it next blog) I fell asleep then I woke up to my mom say ‘We’re here at B.W.I’. So we pre ordered our tickets and got in line. Then we headed to the A line for security. Ten an person came over and said “The C line is open!”. So we ran over but there was a huge line. Then the same person was checking our tickets. He said ” Ok you’re in the express lane”. So my sister said “Hey Will guess what” “What” “We’re in the espreso lane” My mom said “What do you want?” I immediately new there was a Chipotle here so I said “A breakfast taco” So I got my breakfast taco Maglswerth got some flapjacks and mom got an eggmcmuffin. When we got on the plane I got window seat and we played UNO. then I got my laptop out and watched dish tv. When we landed we got our rentel car and drove away. Then mom turned on the radio and played some Bruno Mars. Then my sister started saying a really weird joke from our camping trip she started saying “Man skined booobs” so I got a crack out that one so did my mom. Then we got to Maine and had a wonderfull dinner. Then got some ice cream and read then went to sleep.

The day I went to the art show.

The day I went to the art show I had to go at 10:30 A.M. First Maggie, Mom and I went to the counter to sign us in. Then we went up to the 3rd floor to see how Vincent Van Goh made his art from scratch. Then we went to the 2nd floor and I took some photos then the 1st floor and took some photos. After that Maggie bought a new make your own post-cards. Then my Mom some how got me to buy a Lousiania mud pie ( whipped cream, pudding, and oreos ) then we left

grandma and grandpa I

I woke up and found grandma and grandpa with my mom drinking coffee. While they where talking I tried to sneak some candy but my mom caught me and told me to eat my cereal first then eat two small pieces of candy. So I ate my cereal then ate two pieces and got my clothes on because we where going to Baltimore to see the fish. So we got in the car and when we got there I told the story of Osiris and Isis. Then we waited for 5 minutes for the elevator but it didn’t really help when Maggie was pressing the button like 5,000 times then a lady told us it was probably because of the heat in the hotel. Then we walked over to the Aquarium. When we got there we let mom go get the tickets. When she did we got tickets for a 4 D movie called The Salmon run. We finally got in and we saw the shark tank. Then we got in more and there was like almost a whole school there. Then we saw Puffins there my favorite winter birds. Then a lady talked to us about Puffins. Then we went to Black tip reef then we went to Miss Shirley’s and went home.


Last night I went trick or treating as a viking, Maggie went as a pirate, and dad was…grown ups know it…he is……….. Walter White. So anyway my friends and I went trick or treating. First I went to a house where I got 2 king size Hershey bars.  Then I went to my neighbor’s house and I got a glow stick and resees . Then finally my friends came out and we continued on with are trick or treating. About 16 minutes later Mags told us she wanted to go home because she was getting wet. Curse this weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of curses I saw a sign that said “Take one or two but any more the curse is on you.” I mean of course I don’t believe in curses so I took 3 and so far so good.

The day I got a stitch staple in my head

On Thursday I did parkour and I was doing tick tacks and I was annoyed because someone thought I was cutting in line but I was thirsty so I tried to go fast but on the last part. I lost my strength and I fell off a wall made of wood and scalped my head on a wooden pole. So my instructor gave me a paper towel and I didn’t know my head was bleeding and when I removed the paper towel from my head and most of the towel was bloody. So after it stopped bleeding,  my counselor gave me an ice pack for my head. Everybody asked me if was OK. Seriously, I just scalped my head, what do think the answer to that question is? After the questions, my counselor, Mr.Joe, cleaned my head and gave me a gauze wrap. On my way back, Mr.Joe said I couldn’t sleep! I was so mad because I was so tired and the person who was supposed to watch me fell asleep! When I got back to Parkland Middle, I waited for my mom meanwhile I was starving and tired because I did 2 hours of stunt work! So I ate snack then my mom came home when my sister hurt my feelings by saying I looked stupid with my gauze wrap on my head. When I got home my stomach started to hurt so my mom took me to the doctor’s office. Our regular doctor’s office was closed so we went to Right Time, the other office we go to. Like when I had pneumonia yeah! I was scared to death that I would get a stitch of some sort. When I went in, the doctor’s helper weighed me, took my blood pressure and saw how tall I was. Then the real doctor came in and saw my scalped head and said I needed to get a stitch staple in my head. I started to freak out until my mom said she would take me to game stop this weekend! Then the doctor came back with numbness medicine and said to wait 20 minutes for the medicine to kick in. 20 minutes later the doctor came back with the staple. Then he stuck it in. It huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurt so bad. But I lived. 

PS I said scalp but I really meant scrape and it was two staples.